Comparison Tests


University researchers studied anaerobically digested fiber to determine if it could effectively serve as a soil amendment for potted plants. The fiber (bottom row) was compared to a peat mix (top row). See the difference? We can’t either.

The fiber proved to be an excellent growth substrate with correct physical properties to serve as a soil amendment with a good level of nutrients to spur growth. Unlike composted products, the digested fiber has a longer fiber length and good air porosity. This gives the fiber a spongy quality with the ability to retain more than three times its weight in water for improved moisture control. No weeds developed in the tests. The fiber contains sufficient amounts of total nitrogen (N), available phosphate (P2O5) and soluble potash (K2O) to promote good root development and plant growth (See “Technical Stuff” for more information.). Use subsequent watering and apply fertilizer as needed for sustained growth.

Unlike many other premium potting soils, Magic Dirt™ does not contain peat moss, coir, vermiculite or perlite.  Also unlike peat moss, which releases pollutants when harvested, the Magic Dirt process actually captures methane before it is released into the atmosphere.

Using Magic Dirt as a sustainable alternative to peat moss keeps a lot of greenhouse gasses from ever entering the environment.

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