Organic is a Better Value

It’s a phrase that’s often stated as fact: “Organic products cost more than conventional products.” At Magic Dirt, we say, “Well, that’s not necessarily true.” In fact, organic or sustainably produced or grown products are often a better value.

Most consumers’ first reaction, which leads them to this belief, is simply to the price on the sticker. Often they don’t take into consideration the item’s true cost or related savings they might realize from using the product.

In terms of cost savings, when using a conventional potting soil, consider the various nutrients you would have to purchase to encourage plant growth at each stage of development. When comparing the nutrient levels of Magic Dirt to the leading organic potting soil brand, Magic Dirt comes out ahead:

Nutrient Magic Dirt Leading Brand
Total Nitrogen (N)1.05%0.05%
Available Phosphate (P2O5)0.30%0.10%
Soluble Potash (K2O)0.35%0.10%

Consider, also, that Magic Dirt holds 3x its dry weight in moisture for better root growth, which means you’ll do less watering than you would with conventional potting soils.

Like most new and emerging industries, we at Magic Dirt are working very hard to build the organic and sustainable potting soil market. Our company is focused on more than just achieving low prices. We place emphasis on ethics and sustainability and doing what is right for workers, consumers, and most especially, the planet.

Magic Dirt is certified under the USDA’s BioPreferred Program as 100% BioBased (all organic ingredients).

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