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Peat Moss Based Potting Soil vs. Digested Fiber Soils — Which is Best?

Ongoing research indicates that peat moss presents many disadvantages to gardens when mixed in the soil. What does this mean for the average gardener? Well, it’s time for gardeners to explore peat moss

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Magic Dirt Wins U.S. Dairy Sustainability Award

Magic Dirt wins a 2018 Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy Sustainability Award for Outstanding Supply Chain Collaboration Trust and partnership key to building a new sustainable supply chain. Getting a peat

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Magic Dirt vs. Peat Moss: Who’s the Winner?

Quantis is a leading life cycle assessment (LCA) consulting firm specialized in supporting companies to measure, understand and manage the environmental impacts of their products, services and operations. In

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What the Heck is a Green Roof?

Many of you have likely noticed an uptick in interest in sustainability initiatives. All of us at Magic Dirt, are pretty pleased about that. In fact, back in March, we participated in the City of Little

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