Magic Dirt™ Soil Conditioner

  • Magic Dirt Soil Conditioner is created with nutrient rich cow manure that is heat treated in a non-polluting closed-loop pyrolysis process that creates biochar and renewable energy
  • The biochar is then mixed with an organic nutrient rich nutrient solution from Magic Dirt’s digested fiber to create a totally new approach to soil conditioning
  • Magic Dirt Soil Conditioner actually feeds plants – unique in biochars, which are mostly wood-based
  • Overall improved soil nutrient retention
  • Improved beneficial microbe and fungi activity
  • Reduced acidity
  • Improved tilth and aeration
  • Improved water-holding capacity = 5-6x its dry weight
  • Sustainable biochar can combat climate change by holding carbon in soil and by displacing fossil fuel use
  • Additionally, because it retains nitrogen, emissions of nitrous oxide (a potent greenhouse gas) may be reduced
  • Turning agricultural waste into biochar also reduces methane
  • Available in 8QT bags
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