Green Profit – 3/26/2014

Ted Sniegocki and Bob Joblin, partners in the renewable energy development company Cenergy, came upon an interesting byproduct during the capture of methane gas from dairy and farm wastes: a clean, fluffy and nutrient-rich (1.15-0.30-0.35) fiber. This fiber remains after the wastes have been heat treated for 20 days in a patented Two-Stage Mixed Plug Flow digester. Needing to find a use for the byproduct, Ted and Bob added a few other natural ingredients to create a certified premium potting soil called Magic Dirt.

“Because of its porosity, it’s a sustainable alternative to peat moss,” says Bob. “It doesn’t have vermiculite, perlite and some of those other additives, which aren’t sustainable, either. It’s also 100% organic.”

Adds Ted: “Magic Dirt has a unique story in that it helps clean up the environment, it’s 100% sustainable and even more important from the consumer’s standpoint is that it actually works.” Magic Dirt, which contains no imported products, is currently available in the Northwest.

Originally published in Green Profit

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