Why Use Environmentally Responsible Organic Potting Soil?

All potting soil is not created equally. When shopping around, you’ll find many differences between non-organic and organic potting soils. When comparing labels, organic potting soil should contain a lot more organic material than regular potting soil. Organic soil is made up of carbon-based material that is living or was once living, such as compost, manure, bat guano, bone meal, fish meal, blood meal, or worm castings. This organic material helps soil retain water and nutrients around your plants’ roots.

Non-organic soil is made from materials that have been manufactured and contains zero nutrients. Perlite, vermiculite, peat moss, and coir (and sometimes even Styrofoam) are used as additives in soil for potted plants.

While non-organic potting soil may be less expensive, you have to decide if it’s truly worth using. A good organic potting soil can not only help your plants thrive but you know that it is free from any pesticides or genetically engineered chemicals.

The primary ingredient in Magic Dirt™ is formulated with anaerobically digested organic fiber and composted forest products; however, it is not compost, and it contains no peat moss, coir, perlite or vermiculite. It’s formulated from organic materials and is USDA certified as 100% BioBased. This organic potting soil contains more than three times the naturally occurring nutrients found in similar products, and at no additional cost.

Our premium organic potting soil is made up of anaerobically digested organic farm waste, which is heat treated for 20 days in an air-tight, oxygen-free vessel that converts part of the waste to methane gas. The methane gas captured during the process is then used to generate renewable energy.

When you’re searching for environmentally responsible potting soil, remember that for each cubic yard of Magic Dirt used in place of peat moss, the release of about one ton of greenhouse gas is avoided (by bogs not being mined). And, to top it all off, the ingredients in Magic Dirt are 100% sustainable, and the bag is also recyclable.


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