Magic Dirt™ Garden Soil

Magic Dirt Garden Soil

  • Ag waste processed in an anaerobic digester to: extract methane, sequester GHG and Generate renewable energy
  • Resulting digested fiber used to produce a very high quality Garden Soil
  • Long fibers hold 3x dry weight in moisture for better root growth
  • Will not damp off delicate new stems and won’t pack down
  • No peat moss, coir, vermiculite or perlite used
  • No composted post-consumer food waste
  • Abundant nutrients means far superior feeding (vs Nature’s Care and other competitors)
  • 25% value per cubic foot (vs Nature’s Care)
  • 15 bags save about one ton of GHG emissions from going into the atmosphere
  • Available in 2CF bags
  • Available in Retail in 2020
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