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Magic Dirt Premium Potting SoilI know people are more likely to speak up when displeased with a product, so I wanted to drop you a line and give you some encouragement. Also, if you'd like to use what I'm about to say in any articles or advertisements, in whole or in part, you have my permission to do so without providing me credit and without compensating me. In fact, I'd be honored if you did so.

Anyway, about a month ago I went to a small farmer's market (I live in Portland, OR, so there's usually at least one a day in my area) and bought a beautiful little Matchbox Pepper plant from a woman who runs her own little organic gardening operation. I could tell by the look of it that this plant was energetic and eager since it already had 4 good-sized peppers on their way and a small 5th just starting (these peppers don't ripen until the end of October or later), while its siblings only had flowers so far, so I also picked up a 5.5 inch pot to transfer him to since it was clear this one would need extra room for its roots, and soon. It turns out I transferred it just in time since the outer roots were just starting to hit the walls of its small temporary plastic pot and grow back into the root ball.

I went to my local large retailer and took a look in the gardening section for an organic, responsible potting soil and was very disappointed at first. Oh, there were quite a few mixes and brands that had "ORGANIC" emblazoned across their bags, but every time I flipped one over to look at its ingredients I found it had at least one element that is harmful to the planet to harvest (peat moss, pearlite, vermiculite, and so on). So I continued to work my way down the row, rejecting every mix, until I came to the end and found a bag of Magic Dirt.

Once I read the description of the manufacturing process and the ingredients list I knew I wanted your product. I checked out the last few potting mixes on the end of the shelves, but lo and behold, YOUR product, Magic Dirt, was the only one that matched my demands of a sustainable, clean, yet effective option. And, to my delight, it also happened to be one of the more affordable products available. (It makes me sick when companies take advantage of those wanting to do the world good by overcharging for their products, so I appreciate your prices more than you know.)

So I bought a bag, brought it home, and used it to transfer my pepper plant into what I hope will be its permanent home. It was easy to work with, nice and springy, and didn't clump up on me so I could wiggle it into tight little spaces and make sure there weren't any air pockets. It didn't smell bad (in fact, it didn't smell like anything in particular and had only a very light, not unpleasant scent), and its structure hasn't significantly changed after several applications of water. But that's just the start of my pleasure.

I can tell with just one glance that my pepper plant absolutely loves Magic Dirt. It didn't go through any transplant shock whatsoever (I did everything I could to prevent it, but sometimes they'll stall on you no matter how gentle you are with them), and its growth skyrocketed within a day or two of contact. Over half a dozen new flowers have appeared and started to open, and three out of the five original peppers have already turned completely red.

One of my favorite aspects of Magic Dirt is the fact that if something prevents me from watering my plants (I usually water them lightly and spray their leaves twice a day, but on rare occasions I'm unable to water them in the evening) I know there's enough water still held in those fibers to last the plant until its next watering, since I never skip more than one.

Anyway, I love everything about your product, from the efficiency of its production, the environmentally responsible ingredients, and the efficacy it has in feeding my plants to its simple, clean structure and affordable price. I'll recommend Magic Dirt to anyone who will listen to me, and you deserve every bit of notoriety and commendation that comes your way. Thank you for providing a product that meets the needs of even "picky" gardeners like myself.

Thank you for taking a moment to read this,
-Katy M.

I Love Everything about Your Product!

My sister and her husband live outside of Nashville, and yesterday they went shopping for some Magic Dirt. While getting a bag, a man picked up a bag, and asked my bro-in-law if he's ever tried it before. Troy, my bro, said no, but he said he had heard it's good, and then the man said, "Yeah, this is like my 12th bag, I won’t buy anything else now." -Krystal M.

My 12th Bag!

I recently purchased and used Magic Dirt for the first time and was very pleased with the product. Thank you for an environmentally friendly product that out performs traditional soil products! - Christine L.


I found the potting soil to be very clean and easy to work with, and the cuttings I planted are now lush and growing great. Soil is really good product for gardeners. -Gayle J.

Clean and Easy to Work With
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